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What we can offer? Of course the best whipped cream in the whole world. Our cream is especially full-bodied and tasty, as it is made from real milk. And it does not even stop when it comes to the taste: It is colorful as well. Our products are available in 4 different tastes so there is one for everyone.

From us you will receive high quality and environmentally friendly produced treats. We strictly took care of the good tolerability of food coloring – in order to make sure everyone can enjoy it.

So don´t hesitate to rummage through our page and dive into the colorful world of Rosima!



High milk content



hoher milchanteil

just cream it

Yes, of course there are thousands of good reasons for our colorful cream and millions of different opportunities to enjoy it. As we don´t want to waste your time, so you can start to try our cram as fast as possible and don´t have to read a whole book, we focused on the 10 invincible reasons. Go ahead and look for some suggestions for your future colorful and tasty experience!

Creamy Family

In our colorful cream-family you can find our dyed cream under pressure, the finished spray cream.
Whether it is blue, green, pink or golden – any color expert can find his favorite – full of taste and of course bold in color. No matter if it’s cold cocoa or hot coffee, the icing, which is vivid in color, fits anyone.
A matter close to our heart is to keep on extending our creamy family. With a lot of love and innovative ideas, we want to create a variety of cunning treats. Wrapped into a fresh memorable design, new highlights will expect you in future.
We are excited, to welcome you in our family as well.

The colored one



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